Frequently Used Forms for Current Residents

For your convenience, the most commonly used resident forms are available for electronic submission and/or in printable PDF format below.  All forms may also be requested from your Apartment Support Associate. 

Electronically submitted forms will automatically and securely be forwarded to the Granger Office staff for processing. 

Printed forms completed by hand should be returned to your Apartment Support Associate, or can be sent directly to the office

PO Box 456, Granger, IA 50109



  • Changes in Income and/or Eligible Expenses
  • Changes in Household Composition
  • Changes in Resident Contact, Emergency Contact, Vehicle, or Bicycle Information
  • Reasonable Accommodation Requests
  • Notice to Vacate
  • Request to Transfer
  • Resident Complaints
  • Service Request

Changes in Income and/or Eligible Expenses

Households experiencing a change in income, assets, or eligible expenses should submit a 'Recertification Questionnaire" form as soon as possible after the change takes place. While we will process these changes and notify tenants of adjusted Net Tenant Contribution (tenant portion of the rent) as quickly as possible, please understand that this process may take up to 30 days to complete. All changes are effective on the first day of a month, so changes confirmed mid-month will be effective the first of the following month.


Changes in Household Composition

Households wishing to request a change in household composition should submit a "Change of Occupancy" form. When adding or subtracting a minor dependent, only the fully completed form must be submitted.  Proof of custody may be required in some cases.  Complete information, including full name, date of birth, and social security number, is required in order to process the change.

When adding an adult to the household, a fully completed application for the property (available for print on the "Print an Application" page) must be submitted along with the Change of Occupancy form.  The new applicant must meet the property's selection criteria with regard to criminal, credit, and rental history.  Until the application and approval process has been fully completed, this person is not authorized to residen in the household.

When subtracting an adult member from the household, all adult members must sign the Change of Occupancy form in order for the change to be proecessed.  An adult may not be removed from the household without the authorization of all adult household members.

Request change of occupancy

Changes in Resident Contact, Emergency Contact, Vehicle, or Bicycle Information

Whenever there is a change in the household’s contact, emergency contact, or vehicle information, this information should be updated through the resident portal. Information updated through the resident portal is immediately accessible to property management staff.

To update information for your household:

  • Select your community from the the "Resident Login" drop-down menu.
  • Log in to the resident portal and select “my profile” in the upper navigation bar of your screen.

To add a bicycle to your household’s profile:
Select “add a vehicle” and enter the following information:

  • Vehicle Type: select “other” from the dropdown list
  • Make: enter the brand of the bicycle
  • Model: enter the word “bicycle”
  • Model Year: enter the current year
  • License Place: enter the tag number from your property-issued bicycle tag if available; if no tag has been assigned, enter “000” and this will prompt us to assign a tag number to you
  • License Plate State: select “Iowa” from the dropdown list
  • Color: enter the color of the bicycle
  • Notes: provide any other applicable information, such as size.

Reasonable Accomodation Requests

Tenants and/or applicants wishing to request a reasonable modification to the property or the rental unit, or a reasonable accommodation to the property policies or procedures should submit this request using the Certification - Need for Reasonable Accommodation/Modification form. The use of this specific form is not required, however in order for a reasonable accommodation request to be approved, the handicap/disability and need must be apparent or an independent 3rd party (usually a care provider) must certify the resident as handicapped or disabled according to the Fair Housing definition, and must define a direct correlation between the symptom of the handicap/disability and the accommodation requested. 

Tenants should complete the top portion of the form (containing tenant and unit information, as well as tenant authorization for release of the requested information) and request that the care provider complete the remainder of the form. Plesae note that the care provider should not provide information about the specific diagnosis, only the symptom(s) of the diagnosis related to the request. The completed Request for Reasonable Accommodation form can be turned in to the Apartment Support Associate or sent directly to the home office for processing.

Click Here to Print Form

Notice to Vacate

Residents wishing to vacate the rental unit should submit a full 30-days' Notice to Vacate. A household's lease obligation will not be considered fulfilled until the initial lease term has been completed and a full 30-day notice to vacate has been provided.

Residents are responsible for paying the rent on the unit through the notice period and until possession of the unit is returned to the landlord by returning the keys to the Apartment Support Associate. Residents vacating a unit mid-month should pay their portion of the rent in full on or before the first of the month in which they plan to vacate the unit. Residents will be credited back for any unused portion of the rent (daily pro-ration will be calculated) on the Vacated Unit Report. When submiting a notice to vacate form, please provide all information requested. This will guarantee speedy and accurate processing of the Vacated Unit Report and return of any applicable security deposit and/or rent reimbursement.

The Resident Pre-move-out Checklist should be used as a cleaning guide to minimize charges on the Vacated Unit Report and therefore maximize return of the applicable security deposit.

Submit Notice to Vacate

Request to Transfer

Residents wishing to transfer between units at a given property should complete a Request to Transfer form and submit to the Apartment Support Associate. In order to be considered for a transfer, the household must have completed the initial lease term, and must be considered in good standing. A household will be considered in good standing if none of the following exist within the 6 months preceding the transfer request: history of late payments. lease violations, valid complaints against the household for disturbance, tenant relations or similar issues, damage to the rental unit above and beyond normal wear and tear, housekeeping issues or concerns. If any of the above-listed issues is present, the transfer request will not be approved.

If the transfer request is approved, a new $450 security deposit must be paid in full to secure the new unit. Payment plans will not be accepted for transfers. Additionally, prorated daily basic rented will be deducted from the security deposit held for unit being transferred out of from the date the resident takes possession of the new unit until the date the resident returns possession of the initial unit.

Residents wishing to move between different properties managed by T&L Properties will need to complete a rental application for the property they are wishing to move to. Moving between properties is not considered "transferring"; therefore an application is needed as opposed to a Request to Transfer form. The move will be treated as outlined above with regard to payment of security deposit and rent, and T&L Properties will be considered the landlord reference for purposes of processing the application (therefore the household must meet the criteria for a resident in "good standing" as listed above).


Resident Complaints

Resident complaints should be directed to your Apartment Support Associate. The Apartment Support Assocaite will address compaints and concerns as appropriate, and will consult with the staff at the home office if assistance is needed. Residents should not contact the home office to submit complaints or concerns. In some cases, the Apartment Support Associate may request that you complete and submit a Resident Complaint Form. When completing a resident complaint form, it is important to provide as much detail about the situation as possible, including dates, times, and the nature of disturbances, parties involved. etc. This will assist our staff in resolving the issue as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind that our staff is required to act within the confines of Iowa Landlord Tenant Law. There may be some complaints that are not within our ability to resolve. Rest assured, we do take all complaints and concerns seriously and will act accordingly within the constraints of the law.


Service Request

Non-emergency service requests may be submitted through the resident portal, by calling the maintenance number posted at your site, or by completing a hand-written service request card and placing it in the rent box on site. For maintenance emergencies, or any emergency that threatens safety or property, please call the maintenance number listed on site immediately.